Flixwagon platform provides Live Rich Video Streaming and social networking for a variety of markets through the effective use of the platform itself and broad monetization capabilities. The following represent typical usage of the Flixwagon platform in areas such as:

New media portals

Mobile Network Operators

TV and news reporting

Advertising campaigns

Public Safety

Enterprise media

Online publishing

2Way Video chat apps

2Way VoIP chat apps

Outdoor gaming

Social networks

Mobile Map and Navigation

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The main Monetization capabilities are:
Extensible design/social collaboration – Flixwagon provides open APIs that support provision of 3rd-party components that may be purchased by end users, to expand the interactive user experience within the realm of social networking.
White label capability – Ensuring the ability for businesses to expand beyond web offerings to a mobile configuration including live video streaming capabilities.
Customizable data-stream alongside alongside – Allowing inclusion or overlaying information that complements the video and also provides new services for users viewing the video stream.
Premium content subscription – Facets of video viewing can be provided free-of-charge with full viewing requiring payment.
Seamlessly integration with any ad platform via open APIs – Allowing businesses to utilize rich media ad inventory.
New mobile offering – New mobile services exploiting video streaming capabilities so that businesses can innovate with video to create new sources of income.