Flixwagon Mobile Application
Third party Brands can make full use of Flixwagon's extensive feature list to provide their mobile users with the most powerful Live Rich Video Streaming app. Flixwagon is fully customizable and customers can select any package of features or services that meets their needs. A rich set of the mobile app capabilities provides customers with the ability to mix and match to achieve the desired functionality. Customers can choose to add Flixwagon functionality to their mobile app, using the Flixwagon set of APIs and SDKs, OR use a customized version of the Flixwagon white label app.
The following is a list of the main Mobile app features:
Social Networks Connection
Multiple Distribution
Broadcast Alerts
Privacy Control
Selected Video Quality
Title Tags and Description
Share Geo-Location on Map
Front / Back Camera
Share Photo and Voice
Web Page Sharing
2Way Text Chat
Personal Video Gallery
Video On-Demand on Mobile and Web Portal
Video Download
Search Video on Mobile or Web

Broadcasters are allowed to register via mobile or web. In addition, mobile users can be provided with a random user-ID and password to allow them immediate registration and access. Users can then login and change thesesystem-generated parameters as they wish.