Flixwagon Configurations
The Platform supports a variety of configurations that address the specific needs of our the customers. Our unique flexible configuration manages the large and dynamic number of broadcasters and viewers. Flixwagon configuration options are designed to achieve effective and reliable quality video streaming. The following are typical configurations:
Flixwagon Platform Offers Clients:
Entry Level:

    A cost-effective solution in which system components can be installed on a single cabinet and     later incrementally scaled to meet increasing traffic and usage.

Cloud Dynamic Architecture:

    This large scale optimal installation combines Amazon Elastic Cloud computing power with     Amazon S3 storage and selected CDNs. Flixwagon’s backend solution allows dynamically     scaling of servers from a minimal setup (supporting a relatively small number of users) to a     peak setup supporting thousands of concurrent broadcasts and millions of viewers.


    This architecture facilitates adding either constant or ad-hoc servers on other sites, with no     special setup requirements. Flixwagon can also easily integrate an alternative HTTP-based file     service to replace or support the S3 Storage solution (a local storage solution is also     available).


Geo-separation of the servers’ location is available to enable hosting critical, sensitive servers     (e.g. call management) at one location, while less sensitive servers (e.g. video servers) can be     hosted at other locations that delivers low latency.