2Way Video Chat

Flixwagon Platform offers a high quality 2Way Video chat SDK and white label app as a standalone solution or as an integrated component of the Flixwagon Live Rich Video Streaming platform

    2Way VoIP chat

Flixwagon Platform offers a high quality 2Way VoIP chat SDK and a white label app as a standalone solution or as an integrated component of the Flixwagon Live Rich Video Streaming platform


Flixwagon takes do-it-yourself video advertising and social networking to a new level. Flixwagon customers can offer the ability for anyone to create custom-produced videos that can be published over on-line e-commerce services or other internet sales portals. Broadcasters create unique and creative video profiles that capture the personality and services of a business – small or large.

    Branded Campaigns

Facebook is now the second largest social entity for on-line viewing of video, after YouTube. In June 2010 Facebook reported that 2 billion videos are viewed each month. Additionally, over 20 million videos are uploaded each month from Facebook’s user base, which comprises nearly 500 million users. This is sufficient reason for advertising agencies to offer the Flixwagon platform to manage brand campaigns that encourage users to participate and share their related video experiences on a branded page be it Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. Flixwagon’s moderation is an additional important element that gives advertisers full control over such viewer-generated content campaigns with the ability to approve or reject viewer-contributed content.

    Flixwagon Multi-Camera Coverage

Flixwagon multi-camera event coverage – in which several consumer phones are used to broadcast an event in video – brings like-minded people together for a social event. They share common goals while "documenting" a fun experience. All the video clips are synced with time stamps so online real-time editing can provide one "combined" video or allow home users to select the view/angel they choose to see the event in real time (or after the fact). Media, from various sources, is completely synchronized, permitting real-time or offline editing. Editors, in real time, can switch from one device to another, while maintaining continuity of flow of images. These new capabilities are compelling for customers like new media portals, reality shows and low budget web productions.

    Flixwagon’s iReporter

Flixwagon’s iReporter for news and media is great for reporters and other professional broadcasters as well as amateur reporters looking to make a news killing. Flixwagon’s iReporter supports live transmissions directly to TV channels. It allows the reporter to use the front camera for opening and closing remarks, and back camera to capture the event. A reporter can take advantage of additional Flixwagon features to access web pages, during the transmission, that refer to the topic, or use the paint features on the video or the web pages to mark interesting points relative to the topic. Flixwagon’s iReporter can be integrated with multi-destination ability giving a reporter the tools to transmit their live video directly to a list of possible destinations.

    Flixwagon Security

Flixwagon’s Security system is an integral part of a security configuration which can include a set of fixed and supporting mobile cameras. Security guards, using their mobile devices, can provide and obtain specific views of sensitive areas or concentrate on explicit locations during alerts. During mobile patrols, security guards can also give particular attention to points not fully covered by fixed location cameras. All broadcasts are synched and viewed at a central command and control center. Flixwagon’s Security system can be integrated with third-party command and control systems and Image Recognition devices.

    Flixwagon White Label

Flixwagon provides comprehensive white label branding which includes a full end-to-end white label SaaS solution allowing B2C organizations to deliver a branded customized mobile app with a flexible feature subset.

    Map oriented Services

In this solution, a new service may be provided by making use of the Flixwagon video clips stored in a gallery. They can be displayed on a location map indicating exactly where they were shot. The solution allows users to search for a particular video or a subject not only according to name or text string but also according to location. That is a great way to learn about a new restaurant while the location appears right on the map. Viewers can then click the Flixwagon “Take me There“ feature which activates a third-party GPS navigator to provide precise directions and reach the location.

    Flixwagon SDKs

Mobile SDK: The Flixwagon mobile SDK makes building of native mobile video applications for devices a trivial affair. A binary API and a set of class libraries significantly reduce development complexity while optimizing performance for each device.
Backend SDK: Flixwagon can be fully integrated into any website using the Backend SDK. The Flixwagon SDKs facilitate the rapid development of mobile applications that can be merged with live video broadcasting. Integration is trivial and can be carried out in shortest period of time. A real example is the development of an emergency services application which included a Flixwagon video with GPS location sent directly to an emergency services center.